Impressionen of the Paul-Gerhardt-Church


The Church
- Three-aisle late-Gothic brick hall church

- 1494 rebuilt after a fire on the foundation walls of the former church

- 1666 annexes of the sanctuary
Originally consecrated to the sacred St. Nikolai.

- After the restoration in 1930 renamed in “Paul-Gerhardt church”

- Altar, pulpit and font created by Samuel Hanauer from Strehla inSaxony, erected 1609/1610.

The Paul-Gerhardt Monument
- Inaugurated on 27 June 1907 for the commemoration of the 300th birthday of Paul Gerhardt (12 March 1607)

- Created by the Berlin artist Friedrich Pfannschmidt and cast by the iron-foundry in Lauchhammer with four well-known hymn-verses by Paul Gerhardt on the pedestal; at the forefront the hymn “Befiehl du deine Wege” and on the rear the peace-hymn “Gottlob, nun ist erschollen”.

The Paul-Gerhardt Painting
- It was painted in Paul Gerhardt’s lifetime or shortly after his death. It is the only original-picture of Paul Gerhardt and was handed over to the Lübben church-community by the wife of his son Paul Friedrich Gerhardt. Since then, it has its place in the Lübben church.

The organ

- Since 1666 documents about the organ in the Lübben church have been existing.

- The present-day sound-character of the organ by the organ master builder Ludwig Hartig from Züllichau has been kept up since 1846.

- 1906 the Potsdam organ building firm Alexander Schuke rebuilt the organ using substantial components of the previous organ.

- With the organ restoration 1997, the company Christian Scheffler from Frankfurt/Oder succeeded in bringing the late-romantic organ-work to resound.

- Please find detailed information on the Paul-Gerhardt church on the
Homepage of the church.