Student of Theologie in Wittenberg 1628-1642

It was the time of the Thirty Years War. King Gustav Adolf of Sweden did not harm Wittenberg, the birthplace of the Reformation. Gräfenhainichen, however, PG's hometown, was destroyed in the war, as was his parents' house. In the 16th and 17th centuries the University of Wittenberg was a well-known center for humanities in Europe, especially for Lutheran theology. In the study of theology much attention was paid to polemics, dogmatics, rhetoric, and politics.

On January 2, 1628, PG enrolled at this university. Throughout his studies his work as a poet was strongly influenced by the professors



Buchner and Röber. Both have earned special merits for the German language.

Paul Gerhardt stayed in Wittenberg for almost 14 years and earned his living as a house teacher after completing his studies.

During the years of the war it was difficult for pastors to find positions. Most of the villages and cities were very poor and could not afford a pastor.