Priest in Mittenwalde 1651-1657

When PG came to Mittenwalde, this region was also devastated because of the fights between Swedish and German troops. By 1645 the number of inhabitants had decreased from 1000 to 250. After the pastor passed away, the magistrate of Mittenwalde decided to look for a successor for the vacant position. Thus, PG was invited to give a trial sermon on September 28, 1651, and was soon elected as the new pastor. PG was ordained on November 18, 1651, and confirmed in his new position.

Four years after he had begun preaching in Mittenwalde, he married Anna Maria Berthold.



One year later their daughter Maria Elisabeth was born, who died at the age of eight months. A stone in the Moritz church in Mittenwalde still stands as a memorial to her.

In his position, PG also supervised eleven clerical positions and the schools in the areas of Königs Wusterhausen, Gussow, Teupitz, Gräbendorf, Zossen, Ragow, Gallun, and Schenkendorf.

At the end of May 1657, PG received an invitation from the magistrate of the city of Berlin to become the second deacon of the Berlin Nikolai Church.