Events 2008

Events 2008 in the Paul-Gerhardt-Church in Lübben (Spreewald)

Sun. 30.03. Marshall & Alexander
on church tour 2007/2008
motto: ounces of divinity
20.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
  Paul-Gerhardt-week in spring-time „Hope and be undismayed“ Events about life and work of the great hymn poet
Sun. 06.04. Musical service and song sermon with the trombone choir Lübben.
Conductor: Michael Lamprecht
Song sermon to “ Entrust your way” by Paul Gerhardt
10.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Wed. 09.04.  
12.00 Service Paul-Gerhardt-Church
18.00 Let`s sing together songs by Paul Gerhardt
Thur. 10.04. “Go forth, my heart, and seek delight”
musical traces of Paul Gerhardt
10.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 12.04. Lübbener winter concert :
piano recital with, Manfred Reute
19.30 Coat of arms hall in the castle tower
Mon. 12.05. Harp concert and singing with
Sonja Walter soprano and
Dagmar Fleming, harp
17.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 31.05. Organ concert with
Dr. Florian Wilkes, organ
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 21.06. Concert with the chamber orchestra “musici medici”, Berlin
17.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Fri. 04.07. “On world tour” – Horn concert with Ch.-Fr.-Dallmann, Berlin
19.30 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 05.07. Memorial festival with market and musical entertainment around the
14.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church and
Sat. 19.07. Variations to Paul-Gerhardt`s songs
concert with Sebastian Saß, Bernburg
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 02.08. “Dreams come true tomorrow”
concert with “Harmonic Brass, Munic”, München
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Tues. 12.08. Choir concert with the chamber choir, Naumburg
conductor: Jan-Martin Drafehn, Altenburg
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sun. 31.08. Charity concert of enviaM
German string philharmonic orchestra
conductor: Prof. M. Sanderling
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sat. 13.09. choir day of the Protestant church Berlin-Brandenburg-
Silesian Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz)
Festive concert with cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach
19.30 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
  Paul-Gerhardt-week in autumn
„Hope and be undismayed“
events and performances
Tues. 07.10. “Go forth, my heart, and seek delight”
musical boat trip on the traces of Paul Gerhardt
11.00 port 1 castle island
Wed. 08.10.  
12.00 Service Paul-Gerhardt-Church
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
“All my heart again rejoices” Paul Gerhardt portrait
presented by A. and N. Schneider
organ: Chr. Hanke-Bleidorn
Sun. 12.10. Concert with the “Kalinka choir”
Russian and German folk songs
conductor: Rainer Wetzorke
16.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Mon. 01.12. Advent concert with the Dresdner Kreuzchor
conductor: Peter Kopp
19.30 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
Sun. 28.12. Festive evening concert
“Classical music and songs from the banks of the Volga river”
19.00 Paul-Gerhardt-Church
  Range of tourist attractions in Lübben 2008
associated with Paul Gerhardt
  “Go forth my heart, and seek delight”

Experience Lübben walking and strolling through the picturesque town. Guides will take you on the paths that Paul Gerhardt went along. The short entertaining tour starts in the city centre where the vicarage was situated. At the old town wall you will get to know what happened to the famous poet. He didn`t want to take any further step forward at that place. And why?
In autumn and in winter you got stuck in mud when leaving the parish district. How have times changed since then.
After passing Breite Straße you enter the grove (Hain). Enjoy the shady trails under old oaks and various species of trees, the birdsong and rare plants. The Liuba rock reminds you of a Sorbian goddess who was worshipped there in times past.
Along the Berste and the river Spree you walk past the Lübbener Paul Gerhardt high school and discover the green meadows with the characteristic ambience of our region.
Strutting storks can be watched here. To the right you are attracted by the tower of the Paul- Gerhardt- Church to return to the city center.

  “Guest on earth”

2 hour guided tour including a visit to the multimedia Paul Gerhardt installation in the regional museum and tour to the Paul- Gerhardt-Church

  Ticket service
Spreewaldinformation Lübben, Fon 03546 – 3090