Der Paul-Gerhardt-Association

2007 marks the 400th birthday of the famous lyricist and clergyman Paul Gerhardt. For the city of Lübben, Paul Gerhardt's last place of residence and final resting place, this jubilee poses a special challenge.

There were many requests to prepare a Jubilee in 2007. For this purpose a sponsoring association should be created, which brings people interested in Paul Gerhardt, various associations of Lübben, parishes and bodies to one table and whose main goal it is to bring the life and works of Paul Gerhardt much closer to the public and to prepare various offers for the people of Lübben and their guests. People met on February 27, 2002, for a first constitutional meeting. The aim of this meeting was to clarify the formation of the sponsoring association and the founding of the association.

On May 28, 2002 the day had finally arrived: 23 participants met for the founder's meeting of the "Paul-Gerhardt-Association Lübben (Spree Forest)" at the Richard-Raabe-Building in Paul-Gerhardt Street. An extract of the welcome speech by Rev.Beier:

"Aged 70, Paul Gerhardt died here in Lübben on May 27, 1676. Yesterday was the anniversary of Paul Gerhardt's death. And now, 326 years later, an association called the Paul-Gerhard-Association" has been founded in Lübben in order to prepare the Jubilee in 2007. The circle of life of Paul Gerhardt ended here in our city, after he had experienced a lot of hardship, destitution and sorrow during his life. The horrible 30 years of war shaped him very much. In what did he find a foothold for his life? In his songs we meet a man who lived a life in confidence and hope based on his wonderful trust in God. And Paul Gerhardt had a message for the people. This message can probably best be summarised in one sentence as: let the joy of life, the gratefulness, be larger than your sorrows. I am happy about this day today and can speak as one with Paul Gerhardt, from the bottom of the heart: ""Du meine Seele, singe, wohlauf und singe schön dem, welchem alle Dinge zu Dienst und Willen stehn. Ich will den Herren droben hier preisen auf der Erd, ich will ihn herzlich loben, solang ich leben werd." "

The Board was elected, the articles of incorporation and rules of contribution agreed. The "Lübbener Rundschau" (newspaper) informed the public on the creation of the association.

The 1st Board Meeting was held on September 24, 2002. The agenda included:
Chairman of the Board and non-executive director inform about activities so far
Presentation of the flyer and the internet presence of the association
First steps for a concept including a timeline for the preparations for the Jubilee

The 2nd Board Meeting was called for December 3, 2002. The emphasis of this meeting was the continuing work on the concept for the association's activities and to plan in a more precise way the actions for the year 2003.