Der Paul-Gerhardt-Association 

Are you interested to become a member? We are happy about that.

Paul Gerhardt lived by the power of faith. He has given confidence, encouraged trust, and the belief of the "nevertheless" through his lyrics, and has opened man's eyes for the beauty of God's creation.We, being members of the association, know about this special heritage and therefore are committed to a lively exchange of ideas / opinions in our days.

We look forward to get into contact with people, who feel as close to Paul Gerhardt as we do. The associations part includes the collecting of ideas, the connection of the congenials, the support of their activities (for example researches), and - last but not least - the creation of offers for visitors.

You have got the possibility to express your togetherness with Paul Gerhardt by joining the Paul Gerhardt association.

Furthermore you can support the associations work in preparing the Paul Gerhardt anniversary in 2007.

You can participate in the associations work and be benefited by the association's numerous material and connections.

You will receive periodic information; also you are hertly welcomed to our annual meeting.

Every natural or artificial person, who respects the association's statute (sory, only in german) is allowed to join.